Management system tailored just for your business!

Allegro solutions are created for your business management. We are working to ease and improve your day-to-day tasks using the best software in the market.

This solution is beautiful, flexible and expandable with any functionality you will need now or will need in the future.

Allegro solutions

Customer Relationship Management

Store Contact information, manage leads, opportunities and activities

Inventory and manufacturing

Manage product purchases, sales, inventory or manage whole manufacturing process

Full ERP solution

Use one complete integrated ERP solution for your unique business.

Odoo logo

  Odoo is global open source suite of business applications covering all business needs from Website and eCommerce, Finance, Manufacturing, Inventory and Accounting, all seamlessly integrated. Traditional ERP is finance-centric whilst Odoo provides a 360 degree view of your sales process from marketing to initial enquiry through to sales, delivery, invoicing and after sales customer marketing. Odoo’s level of feature integration ensures a superior customer focused experience. Odoo removes the initial cost of the software and is free to download. Odoo is highly customisable providing customers with a solution that is tailored and has a 100% requirements fit, although many customers are perfectly suited to the out-of-the-box offering. 3 million users around the globe are enjoying the benefits of Odoo.

We are providing set-up implementation, hosting, and support services for flawless running of your business management system.

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